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The Academy of Cilento and Mediterranean Cuisine


The Academy of Cilento and Mediterranean Cuisine is a big step forward for the Cilento, which is the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet.  It is headquartered in Castellabate and its goal is to maintain and promote the traditions of the area as expressed through its cuisine and recognizing the area’s products that are made by small producers.

It was a love for good food and the bond with the land that led the founders to launch this ambitious project. They conducted a laborious research of the Cilento’s culinary traditions and products.  The first even took place in Lubeck Germany at the restaurant, Piazza Pipistrello, with the Italian-German chef, Michele Mattenklodt, who highlighted some of the excellent products from the Cilento, such as menaica anchovies, “crushed” marinated olives, the white figs of the Cilento, and Mandia beans, to name a few.  It was a fruitful meeting aimed at promoting the region that holds the secret of healthy living that is also connected to uncontaminated land that characterizes the Cilento and that Ancel Keys popularized around the world in his research and writings.

The aim of the association is to ensure that the Cilento traditional cuisine, composed of fresh vegetables, legumes, homemade pasta, fresh fish, and olive oil, which are all produced respecting the cycles of nature, will continue to occupy an important place at the region’s (and world’s) tables.

The Academy has been backed by professors at the Universita’ di Federico II in Naples, who believe that the Mediterranean Diet as a regular way of life has significant health benefits.

The meeting in Germany received notable press attention, both by German and Italian publications, as well as by the Slow Food organization.

There have been two other events in the local area and others will follow, to push for a return to our roots, a sentiment that seems to be gaining ground in the lifestyle of many people here and around the world.  We hope that in the future many culinary habits, tastes and recipes will adapt the Cilento tradition, which the Academy thinks is an excellent model for lasting good health.



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The Academy of Cilento and Mediterranean Cuisine

The Academy of Cilento and Mediterranean Cuisine is a big step forward for the Cilento, which is the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet. It is headquartered in Castellabate…

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